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Your Story Told
This is your chance to tell your story and share it with friends, family, or even with the general public. Your story may be a tool for self-awareness or a means for documenting your heritage. You may be a teacher or mentor offering your story for use in the classroom or even a jail cell. Whoever you are and whatever your purpose – you come from ancestors who knew stories were the building blocks with which culture, civilization, and even nations are built. They knew that to build a life – you must have a story.
In this media saturated world we live in, you've been bombarded by stories from every imaginable source – none of which are yours. With all these external points of view drowning out your own voice, it makes it difficult to have an authentic perspective. That’s why it’s so important on so many levels to take the time to get personal with your own story. Without it, you become disconnected from your experiences. Without your own story you are nothing more than a passive thing that has only been written on from outside – a tabula rasa for other people’s graffiti. This is your chance to assert your influence on history and share the milestones used to form your journey.