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The Phantom Pen
Need your existing content brought to a higher, more professional level? Phantom Pen will do whatever edit or rewrite is necessary, including proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
Edit/Rewrite from $10 per page
Fiction Manuscripts from $25 per page
Do you have an inspired concept for a non-fiction work? Give Phantom Pen your topic, outline, and any technical details and let us finish the research and writing end of the project. You get authorship and all rights to the work will be solely yours.
Non-Fiction from $35 per page
Do you have a great idea for a publication but don't have the time or inclination to write it? Just provide the subject matter and a brief outline of what topics you'd like included. Phantom Pen will write it for you and credit you with authorship. All rights to the work will be solely yours. (includes manuscripts, poetry, articles, stories, essays, etc.)
Copywriting from $55 per page
Do you want us to do more than just write for you? Phantom Pen can take your subject matter and brief outline and ghostwrite it giving you full rights to authorship and all other rights to the material. Then, Phantom Pen will take it from there, creating the entire project from start to finish (includes manuscripts, articles, ecourses, reports, essays, etc.) and can even submit your novel or book to a publisher.
Sales Copy from $100 per page
No matter what your service or product, it needs sales copy that will reach out and pull in the customers and increase your profits. Phantom Pen can write your classified ads or several pages of marketing content. In short, we can handle all of your written marketing and promotion needs.
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