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“Nudists by definition are non-conformists, but City Retreat nudists have the added aspect of ownership that gives them a heart-thumping freedom they cherish. The Homeowner’s Association has an active membership that, in spite of the rebellious individuality of its supporters, frequently agrees to agree for the overall good. Factions that formed decades ago under different managements are quickly dissolving, if not already extinct. The ambiance that has swept into that vacuum is friendly, helpful, and dynamic. Perhaps more than any other attribute – it was that spirit & the people who drew me to buy there. After living 15 years in a nudist resort whose “neighborhood” was simply a profit center for a business, I was weary of my “customer” status & the requirement of begging permission for every little modification. At City Retreat, I knew I wasn’t just buying a house, I was getting in on the ground-floor of a daring experiment that will ultimately prove that even nudists can be trusted to make decisions for themselves.”
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