Energy Medicine Heals
$20 for every 30 min
I have a liberal base degree from the University of Central Florida - weighted in psychology and education and I do individual, couples, & life coaching. I am also ordained in the Universal Life Church. I chose this particular path because the Universal Life Church Monastery strongly
believes in “the rights of all people from all faiths to practice their religious beliefs so long as
they don’t infringe upon the rights of others and are within the law of the land and one’s consciousness.”

In the same year that I was ordained, my Reiki Training progressed to the third or “Master” level. My primary Reiki Master's Reiki Master was a Shaman and I believe that's why she came to me. In all, three Reiki Masters presided over my Level III training - The first trained by a Shaman, The second a Western Med RN, The 3rd was a Reiki purist immersed in Oriental culture & spirituality. When I completed my Master training - I meditated and sent out a call to the universe for guidance as to what my next step should be. Through signs, portents, & dreams I was directed to find a Shaman to take me to the next level. I searched for a couple of years until White Wolf was placed before me (literally) at a place ironically named "Thousand Trails". White Wolf is a Wilder/ Meteinuwak/Warrior who was trained by a Lenni Lenape Meteinuwak/Warrior through his childhood. He’s been living these Old Ways for 26 years and he is my current teacher and spirit brother.

My Lineage... I have been a healer in many lives before. The most memorable to me is when I was a Native American Medicine woman. In a past life regression, I saw the day my grandmother chose me for that role. My 1st rite of passage was to accept that I was the one and to trust my power. In this life I am a great grand-daughter of a Cherokee/Choctaw granny & I have a spirit, "Granny Nightsky", who is often with me. I believed most of my life I got my gifts from my father's side (out of Oklahoma/ Reservations). My father was an attuned "dreamer" and saw through the veil. As an adult, I taught my mother Reiki & was surprised by how intense her energy was. It was then that she told me HER mother was also a gifted healer.
Given my background, gifts, and training – I am able to send healing energy using the Reiki tradition. I sometimes “see” things or get messages during healing sessions and that aspect is outside of the Reiki tradition. I charge $20 per half hour of energy healing whether it is in person or distance as both are equally effective. Any images or messages are forwarded to you. I may offer possible interpretations, but I have found that the one meant to receive the message usually knows more about it than I do.

We can do all the training online if you're willing to go to a Reiki practitoner in your area or get a treatment from me. OR - I can complete your training with remote Reiki treatments.

1st level - $200, 2nd level $350, 3rd level $500